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Quick question please.

ive just bought a 2012 GS, fair condition low mileage, but when I look under the back the rear tie down is quiet rusty and the rear exhaust pipes to the back box. I gues from salt thrown from the rear wheels is this normal on these as my first Lexus?

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Hi Chris. Welcome to LOC.
Lexus in general are not prone to rust any more than any other car. The exhausts seem to last about 10 years, and on the GS the problem areas seem to be before the joint to the "Y" piece, and the "Y" piece itself. If any part of the system needs changing most here go for purpose made stainless systems that are cheaper than the OEM.
If the tie down brackets having surface rust bothers you  take them off give them a wire brush, rust treatment, and paint. Bear in mind they are not considered structural for the MOT so there is no need to worry.
Do check the brake pipes at the ends by the rear wheels where the plastic coating is removed to fit the end nut. Cleaning and greasing this small area of pipe will stop them rusting over the long term.


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Cheers for the info, I'm going to drop the wheels off and have a look around so will check the pipes. I only got it last week but already over 1000 miles. I didn't buy it from Lexus but the dealer seemed quiet good. They changed oil but I've booked it into Lexus for an interim service £175? Which seemed quiet good and keeps the Lexus history up to date. Seems a nice car though.

Take Care


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