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Auto headlight level warning light

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It's not a case of resetting it, you need to check the height sensor that controls the headlamp level on the offside rear of the car.

If you are lucky it's just the linkage between the suspension arm and the sensor that has broken and the sensor has gone outside the values permitted by the headlamp module which puts the warning light on the dash.

The linkages have a tendency to seize and break. The good news is that you can get replacement aftermarket linkages pretty cheaply. I got a stainless linkage from eBay to replace mine. Access is good so it can be done while you're under the car without needing to jack it up.

If you are unlucky, the sensor itself may be faulty, in which case removal, cleaning and refurbishment might get it back working.

Or if you are really unlucky, the sensor is shot and you'll need a replacement sensor.

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Hi Mark,

Thanks for the info it’s much appreciated. I wasn’t quite sure how to approach the problem.

The car has been so reliable and without any problems since I acquired it 3 years ago!.

Hope it’s a cheap fix.

Thanks again.



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If the link has broken, then it's a cheap fix. I think I got a stainless (rust-free) replacement linkage off eBay for less than a tenner.

Just as long as it can adjust the linkage to the correct length and has the correct mounting bolt size you should be ok.

If it's not the linkage but the sensor just needs to be cleaned and refurbished, that's a chap DIY job as well.

It gets expensive if you need a new sensor.



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