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Rear View Tele/mirror


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I've been looking on Ebay recently and I've found a roof mounted screen and a camera that can be used as a reversing aid.. The screen has two inputs and can also be used as a DVD.. If I am to fit this, I will need to take out my interior mirror. Does anybody know whether having an interoior mirror is a requirement of the M.O.T And if anybody already has one can you please let me know if you've had any problems when it comes to M.O.T time... My car has to have TWO M.O.T's a year bacause of the public liability and they are quite strict so I don't want to spend money and then find out that I have to take it out.. I've already spoken to the local council concerned and they aren't very happy with the idea but if I'm not breaking any laws then they can't do diddley... :whistling::whistling:

Help on this would be more than gratefuly appreciated... Cheers :unsure:

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Vans and cars... And then Taxis... Different rules mate :D I just don't want to spend the best part of three hundred quid for my local licensing/council testing jobsworth :tsktsk: to then tell me that I'm not legal.. They are very funny when it comes to private hire vehicles.. Two tests per year if your car is less than five years old and then three tests per year after that.. And I still have to have a"normal" mot to cover me for when I'm not working... And they can stop me at any time and drag me down to the testing station for a free check.. If they find anything wrong I'm off the road and not earning.. I know that all this is good for the general public but sometimes it's just a bit much.... :sick: Sorry where was I...? :winky:

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