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Hi All, ;)

Two weeks ago i applied to become a Gold Member. :D

Last week recieved pack containing card and letter with stickers for my car!! :D

However, I cant log in as a Gold Member. When i try the sign in box just keeps appearing as if i made a mistake, which i know i didnt!!!! :huh:

Whats going on, Why cant i use the service which i have paid for? :angry:

Any help would be appreciated. :excl:


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which "sign in" box is this Karlos?

there is a sign in pop up box into which you need to enter your username and password, as per your sign up.

this is case sensitive, so be careful.

After that, you need to register for the gold forums in exactly the same way as you did here.

if you have any more problems, just let me know ;)

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Months later and I am still trying to sign up to GOLD

When I complete the form the following appears on the screen

The following errors occured:

Bad input

Username is invalid.

Password is invalid.

Who can help?

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ok.. the system at the moment does not accept 3 charectors usernames (this is sperate from these forums) so you need to create a 4 charector username.

We are developing much more adnanced system with better explanation of errors next time.. system at the moment is lame.

Peter.. try adding a dash in between your username buddy.

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