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Wonder if any one has any ideas...Lexus have £1500 quote for roof which seems excessive. My Roof is stuck in down position. My mechanic of many years told me to isolate Battery for an hour and retry - perfect. I didn't realise that it was only a temporary fix. So nice day, roof down. Trick didn't work. Another mechanic tried just before lock down, but was stumped. I suspect it may be microswitches. I've got a fixD diagnostic...but because car is in garage I can't see where the socket is doh! 


Anyway, was wondering whether any of you marvellous peeps might have any ideas. Oh now I can't even get the boot this a fuse problem?

Looking forward to any help...I'm stuck in twice really


Warm regards


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Hi Paul.

Sorry to hear about your problem.

There is a procedure detailed in the "When things go wrong" section of the owners manual showing how to manually raise the roof though it does look like a very involved two man process.  There are about eight fuses relating to the roof operation contained in the fuse box in the boot. Again details are in the owners manual.

Likewise, there is instructions as to how you can use the emergency key to gain access to the boot - again in section 5 of the manual. The key hole is inside the car under a cover between the rear headrests. I'm assuming that you have tried the boot release switch beside the fuel cover release.

The OBD connector is directly underneath the steering wheel but a foot or so towards the bulkhead.

Best of luck.


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Thanks Declan

Will search out the manuals...very grateful to you mate


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