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I was recently driving on the motorway when I noticed that the LDA had at some point stopped working although the icon remained lit.   As the road was

dry and the lane markings were perfectly visible I figured it was perhaps a momentary glitch or, at worst, an issue to be reported when I next have the car

serviced, there being no hurry since I consider the LDA a useful but not indispensable aid.  I had just about forgotten all about it when, having stopped to

fill up, I saw that the section of the windscreen housing the LDA camera sensor located in front of the rear-view mirror had been centred by a large and

opaque bird dropping.  I promptly removed it and continued on my way with the LDA now working.

I would normally not have thought this episode worth recording except for the fact that, based on several past experiences of the LDA camera being

blocked by dense spray kicked up by trucks in heavy rain (which can similarly affect the ACC), I would have expected the "FRONT CAMERA VISION

BLOCKED" warning message to appear on the dash.  On this occasion it did not appear, with the result that I am left wondering if, despite appearances

to the contrary, there may not still be a problem with the system.



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