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Said I'd do a quick intro despite being a lurker for a while! Joined the Lexus world 2 years ago with a ct200h I brought in from Lexus Glasgow and just last week upgraded to a 'new to me' is300h from Lexus over here. 

2016 with only 10,000 miles! Delighted with it. Pre facelift, but the others available were no match for this!

Spent some time making it shine as we have got the first bit of sun in a long time!


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Welcome to the Club Daz. Nice car yours. Is it black or blue? Was it cheaper to buy the CT from Lexus Glasgow than in Ireland?

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Cheers! - This one's black - will try get it some decent photos when I can drive a bit out of the city guilt-free and restrictions improve!

Yea the ct was a 2015 silver f-sport - it was a huge difference in price back in 2019 even with the import and VRT but that was before the Brexit changes came in January 21 - now the added VAT and everything else - it's just not worth it any more unfortunately - otherwise I would have gone over for the is.

That being said, I got a great price trading in the ct for the is300h here that I didn't feel too bad! (I nearly got the same price that I imported it for! 

I never had any issues with the ct, I just wanted something a little bigger but this new car is a different beast! 


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I was also considering importing a GS450H from UK, but it is too late now. I should have done it before the Brexit. 

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