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Currently listed on facebook marketplace, asked the seller if it had accident damage (pictures show incorrect paint used when repairing such damage) and if it had a leak and they blocked me. Would not bother me if they did as it's still a cheap price, just wanted to see if they were honest before taking the time to go up there and see it, but wanted this topic in case anyone more trusting falls for it unknowingly.

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After this post it was removed from marketplace and has found it's way onto ebay,

At least here it's a bit more honest, with a strange DIY section replacing the CAT having been revelated, which is consistent with the poor job on the rear passenger light repair (paint), and A LOT more pictures of more damage the vehicle has.

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DIY section looks like abit of tubing with some odd metalic tape; someone has stolen the CAT and the seller has done a very poor job here. You could easily have gone to an exhaust shop and had a simple straight pipe fabricated for next to nothing. 

Avoid this vehicle unless you get it for dirt cheap and are willing to accept there will be issues that need to be rectified.

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