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Advice on luxury Car Purchase Choices


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Hi all. I'm a 24 year old who really loves cars . I really want to at some point in the next 4-12 months consider making a move on a new car . It would be my first own new car purchase if so.

Ideally I would like to go for something sporty but more reliable . With that in mind I have already crossed out any German brands since we all know their long term costs are horrendous .

I have narrowed it down to the genesis g70 2.0t , the Acura TLX a spec and the best option to me the Lexus is 350 .

In terms of financials I currently make 65k pre tax , have no debt whatsoever , live at home still so rent free . Have 25k currently saved in bank outside of my regular 401k investments etc. I had a variety of questions:

  1. How much do you think I would need to save to comfortably finance one of these in 6-12 months ? I'm building my credit up for the first time to be able to finance and get a good rate .

  2. What would be the best time specifically in regards to the Lexus to buy ? I know right now there is the chip shortage still occurring so dealers are overcharging for the vehicles they have.

  3. If I do finance , what would be the most beneficial Apr rate and loan length to look for ?

  4. Is there any other extremely reliable good luxury / performance options that anyone could suggest in the same or cheaper price range ?

  5. What would be a good invoice price to negotiate with dealers for any of these cars brand new ?

Thanks for any tips in advance



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