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  1. List it at 36k or something. Lexus Swindon will probably offer you 31k. 😂🤷
  2. 😅 I mean it being the F forum the whole hybrid thing is semi-irrelevant 😉
  3. LC500 / R35 / Quadrifoglio would be my first choices without researching the bracket.
  4. £49,979 for a GSF ? Im sorry but that is a complete and utter ***** take (£20k more than last year). That can't be seen as anything else but that, and for £50k a GSF wouldn't be my car of choice Chip shortage, greedy dealers maximising on profits.
  5. Pretty sure its the same as the RCF. Elvin's ones are listed as compatible for both.
  6. Valves closed on the road and drive way. sorted 😉
  7. If you wanna get the most out of the noise, Cezar is selling his GTHaus exhaust... 10/10 for awesome
  8. Yup... Hands down the best exhaust system for an F
  9. For those intrigued this is the BEST exhaust hands down.
  10. Drives beautifully in the snow, turning corners with little effort just glides on round.
  11. I saw that, I spent an extra hour in the bedroom last night purely because of that article
  12. 100% same car. The images of the interior are the ones that had originally been utilised in the ad. Meaning a large majority of those photos are not accurate Vs actual current quality of vehicle.
  13. Don't need the sun roof but yeah agree 🍆
  14. And it's gone. Wonder where it sold to. Anyone get a reg forgot to check it for tracking haha
  15. Ew.. I hadn't noticed the wheels till you mentioned it, yeah not a fan of those myself. The stock GSF wheels are lovely as a whole, no need to coat them.
  16. I'll put money it the blue one will be relisted by a dealer for an overly inflated price. The orange one is still on top gear stokes website as available. So expired. Same as the black one for sale not ok AT but on the independent website.
  17. @hockeyedwards Completely feel the same with regards to the Future of proper "F" cars, especially with continued push of "clean electric" cars. Londons expansion of ULEZ and if other places follow suit will damage this further. Europe cars also have speed limiters being built in from next summer..... Despise the options for the sake of options mentality portrayed by most brands especially the germans. An anxious future of automotive choices lays ahead. Personally I wasnt bothered by the is500 nor do I count it as an F, but it does raise the concern of the V8 performance in the UK. Whens the next big conference that any new motors may be unveiled?
  18. You are both right. A huge factor of my love for the GSF came from its rarity, the fact I didn't drive past 174 Lexus's on the way to work also contributed towards this. Like yourselves I to am hoping they dont try to make it overly complicated of spec options like the Germans. But I doubt with the F proper range this will be the problem. The FSport Trim generally looks better for all of the cars IMHO - But the ride for some people isnt the most comfortable so the option of with or without suspension makes sense. But 4 different tiers of F ? Feels hmmmm. I do not want the F to be shelved and am without a doubt nervous of "what next" F Sport Design: Half the Current F Sport Design ( Probably a cheaper "F sport" Line than currently available ) F Sport Handling: F Sport suspension and handling options F Sport Performance: Both of above and a more premium version of vehicle F: Proper car...
  19. So that's a blue black and an orange all for sale. Blue is private, the other two are at independent dealers. And the blue one is however the most appropriately priced imo. Lexus Swindon may try offer 32ish on the blue one and relist at 41k
  20. Found this article that highlights what lexus plans to do with the F brand. "Lexus F to introduce 4 levels of performance" I mean it'll be interesting to see.what actually gets dropped next based on that.
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