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Advice - possible replacement of 2009 GS300 SE rear suspension

Marcus Hampshire

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Hi, I'm a newby looking for advice from anyone who has already had experience with this - I'm interested in any after-market replacement parts that are available.

I've got a banging sound at the rear nearside every time I go over the smallest of bumps. Sounds like bushes have gone, or something more serious. If it's the latter, and before I go in for a checkup, I'd like to understand what options are out there apart from "buy the original Lexus suspension parts". If I need a complete replacement of major suspension units/parts, can anyone recommend an alternative make (and supplier/fitter)? Hopefully available in the central South (Winchester).

This is a 112,00 mile car in otherwise excellent condition.

Thanks. Marcus.

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Hi Marcus and welcome to the LOC.

If you want OEM Lexus parts take a look at even with shipping and VAT added their prices are generally around 50% of UK prices.

Aftermarket try 

For suspension bushes there are companies like super flex who supply replacement poly bushing kits.

We also have a resident Lexus parts supplier on the club who normally give a discount to members and have special offers.

Unfortunately if it’s worn ball joints causing the problem these are not replaceable individually so the complete unit (control arm) has to be replaced. 

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There are options as Steve says Rockauto in the US and euro suppliers that might take a bit of research.

Trick is to ID the exact issue so you only fix what’s needed…

I recommend a no panic strategy: careful of Lexus dealers: they are good but you pay tops. But good for batteries, tyres, and some online OE services like Lexus Swindon online fab for OE parts.


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A follow up, for information - MOT failure due to leaks from both rear shocks.  My helpful local Japanese-car-specialist garage has got some after-market ones for around £117 + VAT each. These will NOT be Lexus originals, which are twice that cost- and they will not have the electronically adjustable Sport/Normal mode available. From previous posts it appears possible to replace adjustable with non-adjustable - the consensus is that disconnecting the plug at the top will work, without throwing up serious fault codes (at least on the 450h), so I will see if it works in this case...

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Now, with the new shocks being fitted, they've discovered one of the springs has completely broken right at the top, which is not visible until the shocks are removed. Lexus can't even say when they might get them in (very strange). Amayama lists them as "permanently out of stock" (yikes, Scooby).  

The garage (run by an ex-Lexus dealer, with plenty of contacts) is searching around. Any ideas here? Does a part from another model fit, perhaps?

Part number is 4823180B90 - I'll replace both sides, obviously.


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I did a research on (I live in Ireland) and these 4 below became available from car dismantlers in Ireland (3 have a GS450h and one in Co. Monaghan has a 2008 GS 300. You may try to ring or email them (click on details on the right side to see the contact details) and see if they have the parts you are looking for and if they ship to UK. They say they ship to all of Ireland so maybe also UK if needed.

As alternative, you can also contact the seller below which is selling a GS450H for parts in Dublin and see if he ships to UK. You need to register to make an enquiry. If you read the enquiries by other users somebody already asked for the shocks and the seller quoted 100 euros each, but you may ask what you need in particular and see what price he gives you.

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Many thanks for the prompt reply Sergio, that's good to know.

I've found parts that claim to fit my car on (a SUPLEX spring), but strangely  it has a different OEM number - 48231-30A50 

To add to the confusion, this new number is listed on Amayama as being available, and compatible with my car. I'm discussing with the garage now. 

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An update on this, for those who may be thinking of doing something similar - it's all done, and seems fine.

2009 Lexus GS300 SE - I replaced the original Lexus adjustable (normal/sport) shocks for after-market non-adjustable ones, without problems.

I bought KYB shocks (KYBS51108) at roughly £140 each including VAT (Lexus originals were £360 each).

A set of two SUPLEX coil springs (35336) (OEM-Number TOYOTA 48231-30A50) for £111 including courier costs from Germany via UPS.

The absorber control actuators (part 89241-30040) were simply removed, and the car feels as though it has reverted to the "Soft" or "Normal" suspension setting. No error messages flash up on the dash, and the sport/normal switch still lights up the notification on the dash as before - I presume this switch still continues to tighten up the steering as well, it certainly feels as if it does, although the difference was never that marked, I thought.

The actuators seem quite rare, so I'll hang on to them and maybe Ebay them at some stage. 

Car drives beautifully. Job done. Thanks to those offering  suggestions.

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