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2022 removing wiper blades


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There is no clearence to move the wiper blade arm more than 50mm to replace them or move out the way to clean underneath.


I can get to the left wiper by putting the hood up, but not the left.

How on earth do we pull them up to remove the blades?

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Switch ignition on then off, as soon as you turn it off move the wiper stalk to the top position and hold it for a couple of seconds and the wiper arms move to the service position

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From the owner's handbook page 241

"When the windshield wipers are not
being used, they retract to below the
hood. To enable the windshield wipers
to be lifted when parking in cold conditions
or when replacing a windshield
wiper insert, change the rest position of
the windshield wipers to the service
position using the wiper lever.
■ Raising the wipers to the service
Within approximately 45 seconds of
turning the power switch off, move the
wiper lever to ^ the position and hold it for approximately 2 seconds or
The wipers will move to the service position."

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