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Exhausts Video Comparison


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Just came across this website which I haven't seen on here before:

They've got a couple of sample videos showing different exhausts on 6 cylinder & 8 cylinder engines on this page:

Was the HKS Carbon / Titanium exhaust that won a Hiper or is it custom made?

There are a few Dragers, an Apexi and some others in there...

I'm tempted to buy the DVD to see what that's like....

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I have the DVD. Just 20 Minutes of Vid. Not worth the money.

I bought it because i needed a better sound quality of the I6 exhaust competition. I wanted my catback to sound like the greddy.

And now its done (and sounds even better :whistling: )

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Oh well mate already ordered it :whistling:

Do you guys do videos of the big meets over here??

Maybe we could do a LOC JAE DVD with something similar for all the IS200 people - Steve could even maybe add that to the higher tier member stuff that Ian has mentioned? We could do this for the Euro meet too?

There are loads of people with different bits of kit so we could tape them all and put a disk together??

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That would be fine. Let's make a exhaust competition. :zee:

But I'm not able to do DVD-Mastering. Even don't have a cam. But I have a good mic for sound recording.

I would like to upload my mp3-recording from burdinski (berlin). But I always get a failure. :crybaby:

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I've made a few DVD's on my Mac from stuff I've recorded - guess I could take the camera to MK tomorrow and we could give it a trial run?! The Mac is great for stuff like that.

Are you coming to the Euro meet PhoneDrome - will remember to pack it!

Where are you trying to upload the mp3 file? What is it of?

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Its the sound of my Burdinski exhaust. About 550kb. (The mic was to close to the exhaust, so its a little cracking).

I tried to upload in my garage, into the gallery, as a post-attachment. I tried with extension mp3 and mpg. There seems to be a problem with this extensions.

This is all i get:

Processing status...      

- Adding Burdinski.mpg     

Resizing/compressing original image  

Cannot resize/compress this filetype  

Warning: copy(/images/movie.thumb.jpg): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/lexusown/public_html/euro/gallery/platform/fs_unix.php on line 26

There seems to be a problem in finding the thumbnail for the listing in the gallery.

And yes, i will be in Soltau.

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