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My Easter weekend away reminded me why I never take the kids anywhere. (To befair my eldest is good as gold its my 2yr old who hates being in a car).

The wife & I have decided DVD to keep them amused might be a good idea afterall, eventhough all we has as kids was paper & pencils.

I have seen portable DVD players from £150 but I'd need 2. Is it cheaper to buy 2 units I can move easly or get screens in head rests fitted?

We go to France in 6 weeks and just the thought of a 5 hour drive to Dover & then 5 hours the otherside with screaming kids gives me headache. :crying:

Good news is just ordered my France Sat Nav Disc from Lexus CS so hopefully that wil arrive in time.

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i went for the fixed dvd player with two headrest screens.

to help you in your decisions, let me tell you that i have my dvd player for sale..150 smackers.. mutli region,, two screnn inputs, games console input, rear view cam input, auto palyback resume, remote control..

this was fitted inthe glove box, i had to cut away a bit from the back of the box to fit it, so i'll even chuck in the glove box..

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