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You Don't Realise What You've Got

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Hi all....

Just got back from a trip to california...

Firstly, it was lexus central!!!!! RX330's everywhere, and lexus where more common than bimmers of all types :-)

However, was driving my friends volvo 850 turbo for most of the time. What a tank of a car! was horribly heavy on the steering, and very unresponsive. corners where nasty, and it was as twitchy as hell! Getting back into me is200 was just bliss last night. cornering was wondering, and the steering very light! a lot more responsive as well.

One thing... If you can get to california, try and rent an is200... The highways there have these wonderful sweeping curves, all cambered like a race track! try and do highway 1 out there. It follows the coast up from LA, and has more switchbacks and hairpins than your average alpine pass!

If someone does find a company which rents is300's out there, give us a shout, as I'm back off there hopefully soon!


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Vegas was the same, loads of RX's & ES's - in fact I think I saw one of the American members in his IS300 on New Years Eve.

Crazy eh - haven't seen any members here (unless at a meet etc) and see someone from LOC at the other end of the world!!!

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