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Oil Types


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What Oil do other members use?

I have Castrol Magnatec 10-40 and found it makes the engines a little noiser than before. Any one have any recommendations on which is the best oil for am older 3 litre .. 92 model ES300/Windom

would i have to go up a grade on 15-40?

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just under 100K

I think i have found the problem and it is a lazy Tappit... just hope it doesnt get any worse.. when toyta/lexus require you to buy the whole set... no cheap :mad:

But my mechanic reckons that it will go on like that for many years :cool:

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when I had my Windom checked, the mec hanic said they were known to have noisy tappets as they aged, but would go for ever like that.

I normally do my own oil changes as I like to change the filter as well as the oil, seems pointless not to! But, looking at the impressive V6, I can only just find the filter and it seems so small. Are there any things to watch for when doing an oil and filter change?

Ditto the plugs, I am told they are platinum tipped so shoul;d last for ages. It looks like a hell of a job to get at them, any advice on this?

By the way, when i purchased my Windom, I drove it home and was dissapointed in the quality of the ride. I had done a bit of research on the car and thought they had an excellent smooth suspension. It tirned out that the front supension struts were worn, one was leaking oil. The seller replaced them and it made all the difference. Will probably get the rear shocks looked at soon.

Car has done 127,000 kms, and is gold over silver, a beautiful machine.

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Hi Tony,

Wow.. what you have explained there sounds exactly like my Windom... I have to renew all the shock absorbers as they have all gone. When you go over a sharp bumb you hear a knocking noise. Also also have a worn steering rack mount, so I have to renew the rubbers on that too. It seems like everything that is rubber on the Windom gets worn very quickly. But apart from the odd rubber the car is great.. very relaible. Mine has 158'000 KMs

Also regarding the tappits mine also has a slight tapping noise.... Cery slight. My mechanic says that that will go on for years like that! So no need to worry

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