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Bolt-on Ecu

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Hi Everyone

I'm new to the site (pick my car up on Wednesday!).

I was looking on Ebay and saw this:

If the link doesn't work it's item number 2480133481.

It appears to replace the factory air temperature sensor and tells the computer that the temperature of the air going into the engine is always cold, thereby forcing the computer to add more fuel.

Has anybody tried one? US$20 for 20bhp seems too good to be true (and the old rule 'if it sounds too good it probably is' comes to mind). Also, I'm not a mechanic but it must do some damage to the engine.


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You could do the same mod for about 3p. Not really sure why you would want to make the car run rich as it is already set on the rich side. Don't think you would see 20bhp, maybe one or two unless it is already cold outside and then you won't achieve anything.

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