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  1. What do you think of this one in silver, Rory? Registered in mid 2003, just shy of 66,000 on the clock, no advisories on the MOT since 2015. The only thing you mentioned you didn't like is the light interior, which this one has, other than that a very clean car! Dealer page here:
  2. In this particular instance the dealer has put the reg plate in the brochure on their website - 🙂 I've not noticed any obvious paint work on the bumper, but then I also thought the car was blue, turns out it's grey, what do I know haha! The exhaust actually looks okay to be fair, I think it's just the angle of the photo, however if you zoom in all the way you can spot little signs of surface rust on the backbox, another thing to keep in mind ahead of your visit I suppose. If it's as clean in reality as it looks in pictures I would say go for it, maybe try to drive down the price a bit, especially if those advisories have not been addressed yet. As an alternative, there's an early 2005 LS430 in grey located in Widnes - it's a bit cheaper too at £6495 - Pretty much identical car, same miles, even the MOT history looks the same 🙂
  3. RF53 PGX is the reg plate if you want to check the MOT history, the current one runs until March 2023. Some of the advisories mention suspension components, might not be cheap: Suspension arm pin or bush worn but not resulting in excessive movement both front Tyre worn close to legal limit/worn on edge both rear Offside Rear Suspension arm pin or bush worn but not resulting in excessive movement They've listed it as a one owner car. Exterior and interior look really clean, generally looks like it's been well looked after, no obvious rust spots or dents, hardly any wear on the steering wheel, tyres seem to have plenty of tread on them. There's some higher resolution pictures of the car here:
  4. This was (sadly now sold) the best / cleanest LS430 I have seen - Kass Classics - LEXUS LS 430 4.3 4DR 2006, granted it came with 64k on the clock, but looked absolutely pristine in and out. Was priced at £9,900 initially and went up to £10,900 once prices started rising everywhere. Came with radar guided cruise control, so looked to be the highest possible spec model. Still beats the Bolton offering in my eyes, I think they're being overly ambitious asking this much for a car based solely on the low miles it has done, it's not top spec, hasn't even got premium tyres on it from what I can see - and the sales guy didn't do himself any favors calling you a time waster 🙂
  5. A good old fashioned thump on the dash, Malc? 😁 Was known to fix a TV or two back in CRT days haha
  6. Spotted this on Autotrader just now - an 03 plate with 419,000 miles! 430&onesearchad=New&onesearchad=Nearly New&onesearchad=Used&radius=1500&sort=price-asc&year-to=2006
  7. Extremely clean MOT history for a late 2008 car (just tyres, pads and a bulb - who cares about undertrays and engine covers!), high miles covered in its early days and has been well looked after in that time it seems. Solid car!
  8. I think they are more on the budget / low-to-mid range side, Chinese make. Presuming it's Landsail LS588 UHP (245/45 R19), the going rate is around £90 per tyre (fitted), rated at B for Fuel Economy, B for grip in the rain, and noise rating at 70 dB.
  9. Excellent news! It’s like the Wild West that place, but oftentimes you can score an absolute bargain or in this case - potentially find a bumper! 🙂
  10. Hi Stu, there's a few LS400 being broken for parts on Ebay (unless you have already exhausted all of them): Then there's always Amayama (shipping from Japan):, just make sure you have your friends chassis model name to hand. What about Facebook marketplace? breaking
  11. Almost feels like an easy excuse! Since cars can’t talk, service history is just about the only way you can tell how good of a life a car has lived! This Bolton car definitely sounds like the one avoid, although it does look good on pictures 🙂
  12. The 2005 car in blue (non-LPG) looks a bit suspicious to me, it keeps disappearing and reappearing on AutoTrader, was listed for £3,290, then £3,490 (only this week in fact!) now it’s down to just £3,000. If you look closely at the service book it says ‘replacement’ all over it, and all those Lexus stamps are dated as ‘2012’, whereas a genuine dealer stamp would have the year corresponding with the year the car was being serviced, so a 2006 stamp on a 2006 service and so on. I even went as far as emailing Lexus Hatfield to confirm if those services ever took place - they have never replied 🙂 I’d say stay well clear unless there’s absolutely nothing else out there!
  13. Interesting! I’ve not seen the Bolton car in person but their valuation seems to be based solely on mileage (I think it was 80 something thousand miles). The price is definitely on the high side! There’s also a very clean looking green pre-facelift LS430 in Bedford that I wanted to see, but luckily I have already found my car by then 🙂
  14. From what I’ve seen in person, this particular car is worth a gamble, provided you can drive the price down a bit. I think you have mentioned that you have owned an LS430 previously, this should put you in good stead when it comes to comparing this and your previous car. I would recommend asking for a test drive, there’s a long stretch of road by where the dealer is, hopefully this will give you a good feel for what the car is like. From my own experience, the ride should be smooth, but not bouncy or ‘wallowy’, a good example just absorbs all the potholes. At normal speed you shouldn’t hear the engine at all, unless you are pushing it of course! The car I went for in the end is unbelievably quiet inside, even on motorway. Gear changes should be almost unnoticeable as you accelerate. I think it’s important to focus on the big three: engine, gearbox and suspension, and base your questions around servicing (when and where was x last serviced or replaced etc.). If possible, go through all the receipts and make a note of what works have been done to the car, is anything major due to be replaced soon? Cambelt was done in 2015, I wonder when the next change is due. How is the radiator looking? Was there a recent coolant change? I don’t recall if the gearbox cooler was fitted (although not particularly expensive at £110 or so brand new). Secondly, get a feel for those wear and tear items: pads, discs, tyres, what are those like? Will the car need a big service soon? Ask to check that the ride height switch is working (whilst the engine is on) and make sure you can hear the pump working whilst the car moves up and down - it’s not instant, but you should be able to see it adjust the height. I thought the bodywork was okay for the age, but do check for obvious signs of rust. Lastly, check all the interior items, start with seats and the multitude of adjustment options, if it has heated seats - put those on as soon as you turn the engine on. Steering wheel column - do all the motors work etc. Move on to doors - do all the windows go up and down, test central locking if possible, last thing you need is not being able to fully lock the car! 🙂 Check the sunroof motor. Check the stereo at loud volume, bring a CD if you like to test the CD changer. Aircon was mentioned as not working, sadly I don’t know enough about it to even recommend anything. Hopefully at this stage you’ll have test driven the car too, and have more or less a clear picture of what the actual condition is like and what needs doing in the near future. Considering other examples currently available, I believe that this car should be valued around £2,500-£3,000 but not sure if the dealer would agree to go down that far. Do arrange to see it and test drive it, and keep us posted!
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