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Ive heard of hacks for lx and gs that if you are in park you can watch a dvd on satnav. I heard of this cd that can hack that and you can drive watching them. Iam going to try put a dvd into the 6 cd changer and see what happens I believe some of the older models had tv but Iam still not sure because you can buy a lexus entertainment system so anyone suggest a answer?

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Is your car UK supplied or an import? UK cars don't have a TV input and the CD changer cannot read DVDs.

You can install a DVD player + RGB convertor + some wiring/relays so that you can use the sav nav screen.

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Anyone out there got the details on how to do this.

I have (just getting) a 2004 SE Navigator. I have sourced two rear headrests with LCD screens and have a DVD player. I can set up the rear screens to the DVD player etc no problems, but how / what do I need to be able to check whats happening on the rear screen by using the navigator screen.

Not too bothered about viewing when mobile although that would be useful to know.

Please PM me any parts / details / sources etc

Many thanks :D


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