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I retire next year. For the last 30 years I have driven over 40,000 miles PA, thats right mathematicians that over 1.2 million miles. I have had almost every car you can thing of other than BMW .

So here's the quest I have test driven both the LS400 & LS430. Both are superb & I want one of them either a late LS400 or early LS430 (the eventual choice next year will be a cost thing). But & there always is one isn't there? The only way I can afford the running costs of either of these superb vehicles, is if I convert to LPG. I will not be doing the mileage I used to but I reckon I will still be doing circa 12,000 miles pa.

So does it work?

Do the economics make sense?

Power loss of a minor nature does not matter plenty left for anyone

Any clear downside issues?

Let me know what you think.


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For 12,000 miles a year LPG is not worth it. My dad's MKIV LS400 does around 30MPG so they are quite economical to start with, on LPG you'd get around 27MPG. The main thing is, LPG is currently 40p a litre cheaper but the government have said that the tax will be increased shortly now they have found that the enviromental benefits are very less than they originally thought, but even so, let's assume that the price stays the same of petrol at 83.9p and gas at 39.9p, and say the conversion costs £1500.

That means the figures will be:-

12,000 miles : Petrol £1400

12,000 miles : LPG £750

So it will take you around 2 1/2 years just to break even.

Personally I would stick to petrol and get a slightly cheaper car to cover the fuel differences, mileage is irrelvant to a Lexus providing history and condition are good, so go for one with a few thousand more miles for £1,000+ less in the first place and that will cover the cost in fuel savings, save a few grand by getting a bit higher mileage as it won't make any difference to the car and leave it to run the way Toyota intended.

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