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Blitz Intercooler

Mr Singh

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The Blitz Intercooler arrived this morning, woohoooo!!


^ Click to enlarge ^

More pics,

Blitz Intercooler

Blitz Intercooler

Blitz Intercooler

Blitz Intercooler

Quick plug for for supplying. There a company very similar to that of Taka Kaira, however the agent/dealer in Tokyo is English so its very easy to communicate.

If your looking for something and haven't found best channels to get it in, contact Gareth @ Newera Parts :)


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lol. That is the BLITZ template incase you want to spray a logo on the intercooler.

The sizes are, 3" deep, 10" high and 31.5" wide - its big!!

I thought it was a Blitz decal!!

wow thats pretty cool having the template, but then is it only an L?

I can see the template now, after I clicked on the enlarged one Deffo get this sparyed on!!!

Thats pretty wide, it just doesn't look that size from the photos. maybe you should have included a pack of fags there for that JDM look and for comparison or a can just to see the size comparison.

the 'date' must be soon now............ bet ya can't wait!

ps I've asked someone if they could take a look at the diagram for translation for you! I wouldn't hold my breath tho.......

and no, they're not chinese :P

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