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  1. Quick google and I found this. Watch the air box at around 23 seconds..
  2. I find it quite cowardly that TDI hasnt a response to any of the recent revelations The thing that worrys me is, there is a much bigger world outside LOC. And I wonder how many non- Lexus branded cars are being subjected to the same cowboy antics, worse still which ones have being fed utter BS and been made a mug of. Does Gordan Ramsey do a Car version of 'Kitchen Nightmares'? Sure he could teach Mark a thing or two :P
  3. Wow. TDI are going out of fashion very quick. Impressive numbers too :)
  4. Ouch! Let me know when you get it running again, be cool to meet up and see how things have come on :)
  5. best polish for black? No such thing, i think you need to pop along to Some hilarious replys on here
  6. Thanks! HAppy Birthday Raj and Terry! :D
  7. Its nuts isnt it.. Mr Morse ranted and raving about how his IS300 was going to be the baddest thing the world had ever seen.. Then it fell flat on his face looking rather silly Anyways, maybe this time someone gets it done for real and doesn't take a course of its own. Good luck mate :)
  8. If it were me, Supercharger :winky:
  9. Everything went through fine then :)
  10. *****.. don't come on here that much, but i'm really sorry to hear your nightmare story. I hope it gets sorted. Though its noted the rods are weak point on this motor, i agree with Gord on post #172 All the best.
  11. Megs gold class wax isn't a 'pure wax'. its a polish with carnuaba content inside. Megs proffesional line product is very good. The retail stuff like gold class is so so, but some of the better stuff you can buy from halfords. I personally binned all my megs retail stuff because its simply isn't all that :)
  12. Dito. As i work in the trade and supply to Car Audio Direct my comments could be seen as biased. However, they are recognised as the best online retailers with fantastic service. Note: if its pricewars, then hit them up, they can pricematch most of the time (minus that you will find on eBay)
  13. Happy Diwali and a Prosperous New Year guys n gals!! :)
  14. saw you a week or two back. was right behind u :P I'll have to keep an eye out for you next time
  15. I could be able to meet up. Supposed to be in London Sunday... again keep us posted with times :)
  16. Mr Singh

    Altezza :(

    Same part as lexus. get onto a breakers... these guys should have it
  17. I used worldpay for 3yrs, stoped due to charges increasing and due to the 30days it took to get the money cleared into my account. I went to Streamline clears in 3 days. However for e-commerce i would also look at paypals new attractions
  18. Contact Thor Racing. They have plenty of solutions. Forged pistons, crank, rods, cams.. you name it, they will have a solution for it 0845 2605760
  19. Anything can be done. The one i use in mine is the pulley on the alternator. I have no specs for the size, but its smaller. You need to remove your Alt pulley and send it to a engineering machine shop. But without specs, your going to be gambling alot.
  20. I had a kazama on mine, for 2 days. It was obsenely loud. Nicely made exhaust, but your brave if you want to have something that loud.
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