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Anyone Watching The Press Release?


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I am watching the launch of the new IS live on the internet.

The front looks too much like the Volvo S40.

The kink on the rear passenger door side-window looks awful. It is clear the designer wants the car to look like the new BMW-3 series from the side, but sorry, BMW do a better job, design wise.

The rear end is slightly better.

In the end, why does Lexus do this? Lexus does not need to shadow the design of its competitors. The quality and reliability are legendary, but as an avid IS supporter, my first reaction is one of disappointment.

In going for a low slung front to give the impression of a powerful stance from a distance, Lexus designers have left far too much metalwork between the rear wheelarch and bottom of the rear passenger window. A hint of the new Mercedes 4 door coupe which is based on the E-class.

Overall, a disappointment. If BMW get their act together and learn how to build a reliable car, the Lexus IS will be wiped out by the new BMW3.


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