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Gs430 Front Suspension Bushes?

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Has anyone else with a GS430 had this issue? Evey 20k miles apparently the front suspension bushes split due to the weight of the 4.3 engine. This results in an annoying knocking sound from the suspension and reduction in handling.

I had a Mk4 LS400 a few years ago and it was affected too - Lexus know about this apparently. It's because the engine weighs so much. On my 4th MK2 GS430 now and it's just happened again, really annoying!

All the GS's I've had have all been Lexus dealer serviced at the right intervals as specified by Lexus.

Apologies if this has been asked before but I'm hoping that Lexus have at last fixed it in the new GS 430's!

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this is the first I've heard of it.

has this happened to all the GS430s you have owned?

Yes. I don't drive over speedhumps fast either - I'm told as I said it's a known problem. The car still drives well and handles ok, but when they are replaced it's a massive improvement.

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Not heard of this problem. My GS had an MOT on Saturday and they didn't say anything. The cars done 37k miles now and they haven't been replaced.

The 4.3 engine isn't heavy. It is about the same weight as the GS300 engine so the problem would also be seen on them.

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I have a Mk1 GS300 which has also had an MOT recently and no mention of problems with lower suspension bush failure.

Took car to an independant Toyota guru for a second opinion on another related issue and saw for myself that bushes on the lower rear arms were split and not doing their job.

The symptom is a knock when breaking and turning which I thought was pads rattling in callipers.

Having my lower rear arms replaced tomorrow! Consolation is that parts for MK1 GS are not too costly and it only takes an hour to do each side.

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Do you know the part numbers for the bushes?

No I don't but it's going into have them done on the 17th December so I'll get them and post them here when it goes in. If anyone gets them before then please post them in this thread.

Thanks also everyone for your comments.

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Scandy, did you get the work done? Has it made a difference to the feel of the car?

Finally yes!

However it wasn't what I thought - it was a shock absorber! The bushes are fine - talking to the head of the service department and seems I've been unlucky in the bushes department. Apparently they should last for at least 50-60k not 20k as I seemed to get previously.

Car now perfect, handles better and very quiet.

Though I have to say the last GS430 I had DID have the bushes problem and it does make a big difference to the handling of the car. Symptoms of a split bush are similar to a failed shock absorber (less sharp handling and knocking noise over bumps) hence why I mistook it for that.

Hopefully get the bush part numbers in a couple of weeks for people and will post when I do.

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