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Front And Side Windows

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With all this rain and fog around I'm practically always going to a wet car. The problem I have is that the windows are - of course - covered in rain-drops.

Usually I'd drop the windows to let the rubber strip take the drops away, but this doesn't work on my IS - the window goes up in the same state it went down - the windows only clear when I apply outward force (with my elbow) to the window.

As all 4 windows do this I guessed it may be a 'feature' but does anyone elses behave differently?


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Manufactures Handbook, Page 23, Section 4D.


Added to your IS200/300, as a pure annoyance feature, the none self-cleaning windows, this feature ensures that when retracted the wiper seal does not wipe the windows. We at Lexus felt this was a must have feature, as getting out of the comfort and safety of your IS200/300 is a must and what a better way to make sure you have to than to clean the windows.

Ref. Page 42, Section 2, Optional Extras.

The must have Lexus Window Scraper with rubber back for removal of raindrops and fogging from the outside of your windows. £154.99


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