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Head Light? Ballast? Loose Wire Somewhere That I Havent Found?

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My passenger headlight goes off on me after a short period of time I turn the headlights off then back on and it comes on for a little bit then goes off again I changed the switch and drove all over and it diddnt turn off until I pulled in my driveway smallest bump ever! It shut off I parked it and shut the vehicle off i turned the lights on and the passanger headlight shut off i turned them off and back on again and it still did it could the headlight be be overheating? could it be the lowbeam relay? its the only light not working properly I priced the headlight and its expensive for the ballast and the bulb but it doesnt seem to be the balast or the light if its a ground where do I start troubleshooting with this kind of light? thank you>>I should prolly add that it has done this before then stopped for about 2 months now its doing it again can anyone help with some solutions or can anyone tell me if they had the same problem? i know its real bright when it stays on its not dimming or anything it just shuts off until i turn the switch off and back on again also it will shut off sitting still with out driving it or hitting any bumps anymore help would be nice thanks for all your help guys :duh: I am flustered and stumped!!


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If it goes off when you hit a bump, I would look for bad connections, bad grounding,corroded connections,

loose bulb etc.

Try to trace the feed wire back to a junction or whatever, for me it sounds like a bad ground.

Might be worth checking the fuses, if each headlight is on a different fuse. ;)

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why not swap the lamps over and see if the problem moves you'll know if it's the lamp then. i use a lot of discharge lamps at work and i do ocassionally get a bad one

I cant switch the lamps over it is too hard to do that and the wires wont fit to the other sides

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Ok, I'm sort of hijacking this old topic as I seem to be at the same point with one of my dipped lights.

It had been going off at random but restarting if I switched them off then on again.

This had happened before and I would buy a new bulb and the problem would go away.

This time however it's stayed off - hmmm.

I tried switching bulbs, this proved that the bulbs are both ok SO I guess I may be looking at a new ballast (light computer) ie £600+

Any ideas? The car has now done nearly 350,000 and has other problems so major expense is not desirable.

I guess I need to verify that there is current to the input multiplug to the ballast unit.

Can anyone confirm which fuse - ie. Location and name - I need to be looking at for this circuit?

Any experiences with this sort of thing would be welcome.

Many thanks


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Ok, looks like the moral of this story is - if you replace your D2R Xenon bulb you should always refit the plastic cap on the back of the headlamp unit.

As you can probably guess, the Light Control Computer (Ballast unit), was completely soaked and it's compartment was about an inch deep in water.

I did find the appropriate fuse for each unit and noticed that inserting the fuse of the wet unit made it produce a brief buzzing sound; unlike the Good side which simply lit it's bulb without any fuss.

Having removed the unit and superficially dried it I had a quick look at the input wiring, and whilst moving it gently managed to break the connection of the red wire to the unit. The tag that it was secured to simply crumbled.

I'm not sure if the unit will be serviceable but my plan is to leave it to dry over a radiator for a day or so. I'll then try to solder the broken wire back onto the unit and see if it will work.

Will let you know how it goes.

With regard to replacing the unit I did find a Chinese firm that purport to supply OEM Xenon parts including this very part. A pic at certainly looks like the real thing. They sell it for US$150 including shipping to UK which would be a very reasonable price.

Anyone know anything about them?

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