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Sat Nav Cd

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Hi guys, Ive got a 1999 Is200, and since the Nav CD is in there probably since 1999 I think its missing a lot of the updated routes, I went to the Lexus stealership and they smacked me with a price of 300!!! Where can i get this any cheaper?



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If your car is a 1999 it will be the CD version ..........

£300 is too expensive.

Maybe the dealer thought you meant DVD.

Ye... hope they did, how much is the CD, is the lexus dealer the only place i can get one from?

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Copies wont work in the sat nav reader apparently. Someone i know tried it. probably encrypted.

To be honest the sat nav isnt that good at all.

lol, it is pretty crap when compared to tomtom and the likes.

Still, would be nice to have an up to date disc, anyone :whistling:

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The sat nav unit isnt that bad, and No you cant update a cd based (pre 2002) into a dvd based system.

The CD version update would cast around 155 from a dealer or go gold and save some money. (Call up a dealership to confirm prices)

Sometimes discs come up on eBay or on here.

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