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Aristo V300


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Hi all,

I am looking at possible buying an Aristo V300, it’s a J plate, auto, and it’s done about 50k Miles, just fully serviced Inc belts. High quality 17'' 3 piece alloys with polished rims (a bit like AMG mercs - but deeper rims) 235 at front and 255 at back. Its metallic silver fully undersealed induction kit custom A/M exhaust -deep sound, cat 1 alarm, climate, full black leather, traction control, switchable overdrive, fog light in cluster, elec seats/windows/boot/petrol cap, lowered.

Any ideas what this may be worth assuming it is in mint condition, also does anyone know what things to look at in particular? I would appreciate any help I can, I as I don't want my return to Toyota ownership to be a bad one.

Many thanks


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Hey dude,

Im funnily enough getting my first Aristo V300 this Saturday.

This to look out for are as follows -

Knocking from the front suspension - Listen out when coming to a stop and also going full lock from left to right.

Turbo wear - If turbos are worn out they will probably produce smoke when driving hard or make a loud whining sound. The engine should not sound any louder under boost than a mere whistle sound.

Cold Smoke - Tends to happen on the older vehicles. The valve stem seals can wear out which means some smoke when first started - especially when cold. As long as this disappears after a few moments then nothing to worry about.

Gearbox - Make sure the gearbox kicks down nicely when you floor it and that everything changes smoothly. Try going from drive to reserve a few times and it 'shouldnt' make any violent jumps.

Take it out for a drive and hit the brakes hard. If it pulls to one side then its got possible steering/suspension damage. Also make sure it doesnt pull during driving anyway.

Other than that, best of Luck.

If you do get one you may want to join the sister site Toyota Owners Club. This is where i am from!

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Hey fella, thanks for the words of advice. I am already a member of the toyota owners club, I origionally joined a couple of years ago, when i had my Corolla Gti. I just contact when I got my Skyline, but now I am looking to get rid of that in the search for something more luxury and not so attention grabbing, but I still want it to be quick.

What is the market like for these cars, the current owner reckons it worth around £6k, is he correct or is he pulling my leg.

Also, do they have the same engine as a supra?

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That's weird .. I was reading through this... and when I came across this :

(a bit like AMG mercs - but deeper rims) 235 at front and 255 at back

I was thinking to my self .... hmm ... I'm sure I have seen that on here some where !!


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Aristo's are few and far between in my opinion.

You dont see many cheap ones around and most people dont know the aristo v300 has the same engine as the supra tt in it. Even those who are in the jap scene.

I only discovered them about a year ago myself as a friend had a 2jzgte delivered from the front cut of an aristo.

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