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Just to put in my two bobs worth...I bought genuine pads from Lexus but when i got them i googled the part number around quite a lot to see if next time I could buy them cheaper from US or elsewhere. One or two of the websites referred to the part number as pads for "European UCF20" does this mean that non-european UCF20s take a different pad ?

Best to check part numbers I guess.

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I bought some front pads for mine off ebay from a regular seller on there and they were cr*p there was so much brake dust I had to clean the wheels everyday! and they squealed like pigs.

Replaced them and the rears with genuine Toyota ones and no problems since.

Moral of story, brakes are safety items buy the best!

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I paid £66 inc VAT for the front pads on my Mk4. When you ask for a price for pads they might quote something like £116. Thats coz they want £50 just for the sensor. So ask them for the pads without the sensor.

As regards the sensor, if the light warning light has not come on yet then its ok. Otherwise if it has you can either join up the two wires to get rid of the warning light, or you can take out the old bit of plasic from the calliper and provided it hasnt work too much you can carefully thread some new wire in there and splice it back on. Im surprised the sensor is so expensive, I think BMW's sensor is only a few quid.

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