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Center Caps Wheels Rim


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Guest inicol63
I'm fedup to look at the shiny dishes on my wheels. Has anyone dismantled the center caps wheels rims? How does ths car look like?

Hi I have taken off the wheel covers, but these covers have to be left on as the wheels are made for the covers, the rims have a groove under the caps and look unsightly.

I must say that these alloys are the downside of these lovely cars.

What is the opinion of you other guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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While I was in the US this summer I have seen an sc 430 with a nice center cap wheel rim. Have done some search and I think that with the 2005 wheel cover changed to 5 spoke style. Does anyone know if these covers will fit a 2002 model and if it can be found in Europe?




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If 20s are out of the question - go for the 2005 style.

As well as looking the part, they offer two less obvious advantages over the original (which I still happen to like btw!) - 1. the gap between trim and inside edge of the alloy it's fitted to is now big enough to get a hand in to clean that part of the alloy (including behind the spokes), and 2. the new trim doesn't seem to channel road grit on to the leading inside edge of each spoke and result in the same chipping and corrosion that you can get with the older one.

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Lexus, well known on line auction sites, and salvage/car breakers. Many breakers offer parts searches on line.

You might even find a set of the newer style wheels if you ask the SC430 community. Plenty of owners have aftermarket alloys.

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