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Mobile Tariffs?


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Hey All

I have not logged onto this site in ages, but I have to say that it is looking good!

Nice work Steve and the other admins!

This is not Lexus related at all but its worth a shot i guess....

Im currently with Orange Student Package pay monthly.... £30 per month for 120 mins and 1000 texts....

I am due to renew my contract but they only offered £2 discount :-(. Being a student, money isnt exactly plentiful unfortunately, and I hate/dont ask from my parents ( some may remember user PI100 - hes my dad).

Can anyone recommend good packages in the region of 25-30£, I have scarred the internet but can only find good deals using 3rd parties. I think it is less troublesome if one deals direct with the service provider.

For anyone who is wondering, im studying Computer Science at Manchester (Victoria and Umist amalgamated), so hopefully someday soon I too will own a Lexus... the new LS looks ace!

Sorry for the long post.

Any ideas


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All sorts of tariffs out their, dependant on whether you'd benefit from paying slightly more to get alot more if you get me?

£35 p/month can get you 550 any network mins and unlimited texts plus Orange magic number. So you can call another Orange nominated number free everyday. Subject to a fair usage policy which is 3 hours a day. You can nominate another magic number every 6 months.

If your not using what you get at the minute you may be better reducing your tariff. £25 p/month might cover all you need. Help me out by letting me know what you use...


Also note that cash back offers that seem to good to be true.....often are :winky:

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Thanks Kazi for your reply.

I certainly would like more minutes per month as I find 120 minutes is not enough. In my opinion 1000 texts is ridiculous.

So I guess 12 month contract with more minutes and say 300 texts is more suitable.

Thanks for your advice greatly appreciated.


The above post is not suppose to be from my fathers account.

I forogt to log out doh!!


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