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Any Unix Wizards About...........bit Of A Crisis


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trying to run end of year reports for a large London Borough (has to be done before 12 tonite) and some muppet has manages to close the system so nothing will run.

the system scheduler says its running when its real techies are available until Monday morning

I can access the UNIX prompt and was wondering if there was any command I can run to get the thing working again.............

if i do stop_sched hbctlivedb it says its stopped the db

I then do start_sched hbctlivedb and it says its running :blink:

I can't chenge the invoke times on the jobs (if that was the problem) thru the front end.............try to QBF them and it just hangs...........

totally confuzzled..........any help gratefully rec'd

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Dave, is it the database you can't access? What db are you using?

I'm not a UNIX wiz, but obviously can try to help with my IT knowledge.

(just did a quick search on the net... is your database approaching 2Gb?)

Can you use the command line to navigate to the location of where the db is stored?

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i can access the db its tables etc.............there is a batch job that opens and closes the has closed it...............but will not open it just hangs............looking for kill commands

unix box is AIX

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Probably too late and might not work (linux not unix) but cant you run something similar to:

ps xa

to list all the processes and find the number of the job then

kill -9 numberofprocess

thanks...i did the first bit (diff command) but the second bit was what i was after !

prob fixed anyway...think someone switched the server off & rebooted :whistling:

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