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Altezza Turbo Question...

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Has anyone tried the manifold and turbo setup from either the mr2 turbo or gt4 on a Beams head? I've got parts knocking about at home from other cars and from work so rather than buy a full kit im looking to put one together myself.

Id basically be looking be looking to run a standard ct26 (from mr2 turbo) at around half a bar just to give the altezza a but more oomph. Although i love revvy nature of the engine im finding it just a bit too peaky for drifting so looking for more midrange. When i built my s14 engine i raised compression but kept boost fairly low making the engine nice and responsive, im looking for the same sort of thing so a 9:1 compression ratio (is there a head gasket available??) with low boost to make around 250-270bhp using an emanage or something along those lines.

Anyone else done anything similar??



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a question I have pondered a few times

if your only gonna run about .5 bar your be ok on the stock internals so thats not a prob

I've glanced at a few turbo kits for the MR2, I'm not sure if the manifold will fit the head, the middle 2 exhaust outlets looked to be spaced different. And if it did fit where abouts it would position the turbo

there is a fear bit of room at the back of the engine bay so you can top or bottom mount the turbo, each have the own advantages and disadvantages

there's a few turbo'ed RS's on here Zee's mainly, may pay to have a look at what he's done

a few of the Irish boy's have turbo'ed altezza's

check out

Monster Mat is our IS/Altezza based drift guru so may pay to give him a pm and have a chat

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