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Lexus Is250 Keyless Remote Problem

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A friend brought a new IS250 with all extras last July 2006. (Selling me his older BMW)

We tend to meet up at Shoreham airport for a coffee & natter on Saturday mornings & untill this morning without incident.

I arrived first in the BMW (sorry but SWMBO was using the GS300) & couldn't remotely lock the car. Not a problem, used the key. Friend arrived 30 mins later, parked nearby & couldn't lock the Lexus at all.

We then tried to start his car & "Key not recognised" displayed. Ran him home to get the spare fob, same result. Time to scratch heads. Another driver of a BMW was asked if he could park in the general area & lock his car remotely. He couldn't. Finally a newish Lexus was about to leave the carpark & he was accosted. Obligingly, he stopped the car & couldn't start it. Embarrassed, we managed to push him 20 yards or so when he could then start.

Simple then, the IS250 was parked in an interference "hotspot" (Mobile phone mast about 200 yards away?) All we had to do was push it 25 yards to the entrance where we thought it would be clear.

Auto box selector manual over ride pressed, car in neutral, parking brake off & push. Only problem is the steering lock, firmly engaged with the wheels set "straight ahead" & the car parked at right angles to the exit.

The Lexus dealership were unable to help (understandable on a Saturday morning). More head scratching & finally the AA were called (a truly very nice man), heard the saga & hoisted/towed the car a few hundred yards round the perimeter road to a layby. Car started perfectly with all systems functioning.

Has anyone else had similar problems & is there any way to use the "emergency" key in the fob to either start the car or at least release the steering lock?

This has certainly worried my friend. What is the point of a beautiful car if its unreliable in certain areas. What if it happens in a more hostile place & late at night? It's certainly caused me to rethink buying a "keyless" Lexus.

Any advice would be welcome,



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