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Moonroof Closes Then Opens

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Hi, I have a '98 LS400.

Tonight when I got home I closed the moonroof as usual. It closed then opened again about 1/3. I tried closing it with the door key but the same thing happens.

So that I could lock the car I managed to stop the roof recycling by using the tilt switch to stop it at the point of it opening again.

The panel light says moonroof open.

Any ideas what is wrong? Thanks.


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A couple of things spring to mind. Either it's detecting an obstruction and is reopening to prevent something getting trapped, or the sensor that detects it is closed has failed.

I'm no expert though, so maybe someone more experienced can help?


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Wiring diagram I have is a bit vague but the moonroof control relay is located in front of the moonroof opening and it is a 10 pin plug. Pin 9 ( green/black is the open moonroof lead ) and pin 10 ( green and yellow lead is to close the moonroof) this is done by the moonroof switch connecting these to earth to open or close the moonroof.

I would start by disconnecting the plug to the moonroof switch incase there is an internal fault in here then closing the roof by remote control. If the moon roof now behaves normally it would point to a dodgy switch if not let me know.

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