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Is200se Ice Cabling

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I will be installing a couple of amps in the boot of my new toy, are there any hints and tips about the best way of getting the power/RCA leads through the car?

Are there any convenient holes though the bulkhead from the Battery?

How much of an pain in the bum is the interior for running power/speaker cables through? I am desperately trying to avoid trashing anything, this is by far the best car I have ever owned, so I want to keep this lovely interior looking as good as possible :)

I'm currently waiting for the custom lead/fascia off eBay, and the shiny new Alpine 9861Ri HU is also in the post!

Thanks in advance!

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If you have an SE or sport you will already have an amp down the side of the glovebox.

To fit the new headunit you will need to either make/purchase the amp bypass lead or rewire/install new speakers. As the IS does not have a standard ISO connector.

I just bought the bypass lead off ebay and used the standard speakers.

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Sorry, I probably didn't make myself clear, I have already bought the bypass lead and I am planning on removing the OEM amp.

I am going to remove the stock speakers and replace with aftermarket units, once I have installed the necessary cables to the amps which will be mounted in the boot. I was hoping someone had some advice about laying the cables, e.g. holes through bulkheads, best ways of laying the cables etc.

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Sorry, I probably didn't make myself clear, I have already bought the bypass lead and I am planning on removing the OEM amp.


I thought the reason for buying the bypass lead was that you

could use the original amp and speakers with a new Head Unit ?

(maybe I'm wrong on that, somone will correct me if I am).

I have a full system that has replaced all the stock items withAlpine + JL Audio.

New Head Unit, Speakers front + Rear, 2 Amps in boot plus Sub Box. See pictures + info

HERE (please read my post , pictures + a video download link there, any comments welcome !! )


I used 0 AWG from front, down the left side of the car to the boot,

then splitting to 4 AWG. The other amp is mounted behind the JL Audio

as I wanted to leave as much space in my boot. If you open the front

passenger door, unclip the trim along the top edge, u will find u can unclip

the trim panel under the glovebox. The glovebox removes simply by

unclipping the 2 pins that are through the brackets at the bottom. Push from

the outsides towards the center of the glovebox, pull the pins out, & and

support the weight when u undo the glove box handle. You will then see

the Amp you no longer need on the left, remove it as you no longer need

it. I will take a picture later today of where my Power Cable goes through

from the Battery. Power leads up the left side, RCA Phonos up the middle,

speaker leads down the right side. Thats the best way to avoid interference.

There is a place on the right side when you remove the rear seats to pass

Power cables through. Easy to see all when you remove the rear seat

(which you will need to do to replace the 6x9's)

Message me your e-mail addy and Ill send you any more info you need.



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Thank you Rikos for the kind comments. Please have a look at my full post,


it includes Pictures + a link for a video to download, comments are welcome !!

here is the picture of my 0 AWG Power Cable + Fuse Holder,

showing the passage through the bulkhead to the left front footwell

from the right side of the Battery. (Earth Side)

(Picture shows the cable moved from normal position so you can see where it goes)


and here is the fuse back in place as normal


Any problems remember lots of pics and other info either on my forum post


or anything else you need you can email me. I have pictures and how too's on most stuff.



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