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Drivers Door Handle Not Working From Outside? Ls400

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Any thoughts or obvious things which would cause such a failing? Opens fine from inside so just slightly annoying not being able to open from

What should i be asking for if for example i was getting cheap parts from a broken LS400?


Si (AKA ignorant)

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If you hear the motor try to unlock the door, look inside at the plastic buttons [red stripe shows when open].

If the one on the drivers door is only partly open it is the linkage thats rusty inside.

[Happened on mine, trim off and lock out to clean and oil] fiddly job cannot rush it!]

If thje lock won't unlock electrically, there is a switch attached to the lock barrel.

Trim off again but with a bit of fiddling you can remove and replace it. [might clean out if contacts still good]

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If its a early version LS like mine was the door fixings are made of plastic or cast and it sounds like its cracked on the inside.

Try doing a search on this forum for ls door hands etc,might be worth looking over on the USA forum.It is a common problem on the early LS model.


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Getting to the lock is fiddly, look on LEXLS for the door trim.

You have to push the track back for the door glass [one screw] [glass up] and twist the lock to get it out.

There are two link rods high up to unclip.

If your are handy on cars its's not hard just slow....

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As ROYT says.

I found it a right pain in the ***** of a job to get the lock out and more tricky to get it all back together,the main problem is the lack of space to get your hands in and around from into the panel of the door.

Did you find any info doing a search,its a very common on just the drivers door as that gets most use over the years.

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