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North East Geometry

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I just wanted to let everyone in the North East know about a great place that specialise in car Geometry similar to WIM. I had the typical tyre dilemma as my car was wearing tyres very unevenly and only getting 4-6 thousand out of a set. I spoke to Tony at WIM and explained it would be very difficult for me to get to him due to family commitments and the distance. He kindly offered to help out by giving the chaps at ‘Town and Country Tyres’ a heads up on the corrections needed to make my car wear tyres evenly and drive better, mine is non standard with 19” wheels and lowered 40mm.

Town and Country have been specialising in Geometry for cars and commercial vehicles for at least 30 years and I have heard very good reports from everyone locally. The staff were very friendly and firstly did a full geometry check on the car and then made the necessary corrections based on our favourite Doctors (Tony) findings to correct the IS200’s Geometry. Stuart who has been specialising in Tracking and Geometry for over 7 years liased with Tony when needed and aligned my car perfectly, he spent lots of time and effort to bring the car as close as possible to Tony's settings and was extremely helpful, explaining along the way what he was doing. I will re-check in 1 – 2 thousand miles as recommended by the good Doctor and informed the team at Town and Country to expect some local IS200’s to come their way pretty soon!

I am very pleased at the results and highly recommend them to anyone else in the North East in the same situation. If anyone would like their details please PM me.

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Is there any chance of this becoming a WIM trusted centre? Could do with one further North! ;)

Can you post up the address - I'm sure there will be members interested. Looked on and all it found was one in Gloucestershire! :blink:

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