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After taking my Harrier to Toyota (cheaper then Lexus) they investigated the problem and long story short, I have to have a new block etc, total cost £ALOT, NEW SMALL CAR PRICE :-)

Picked it up, and drove home. Sweet, like a new car. Going back out later on, the car makes a funny noise and starts to judder. I manage to get it back to the Toyota garage.

A few days they tell me that it is the springs that have been weakend and so they would replace them foc.

Picked up the car last week. No problems. Later that night, car broke down. Took it back in and they say they need to investigate it. They are now saying that the 1998 Toyota Harrier engines and specifications are different to the Lexus RX300 2000 model.

Is this true?. Are Japanese parts weaker then the UK counterparts?.

It has been 5 1/2 weeks now without a car and I am getting to the end of tether.

Does anyone have the address of Toyota head office as I have looked on the internet and seen so many.

Feels better getting that off my chest :tomato:


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sorry to hear this..........

to the best of my knowledge the RX is a rebadged harrier (better trim etc) but mechanically the same

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The 3 Litre RX and Harrier engines are the same spec.

The only other engine for the Harrier /RX (Not the UK market was the 2.4 Litre)

There was / is an RX engine for sale on Ebay

I'm sorry to hear of the problems your having though.

Hope you get the car back all sorted.

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