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Still Here Guys !


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Hi guys..

Just to let you all know I am still alive and kicking... although not kicking as much as I used to..

Since I lost my job back in April, I have been finding it a bit hard, and that was even before the "credit crunch".

I still have the GS300, just not been driving it much.. even to the point that the Battery died a few times..

I have been trucking around in my Dad's corsa.. a little 1.0 3cyl jobby, that runs on fumes... he hasn't been well, so not using it.

I considered swapping the car for something more economical, so went to the Car People in Wakefield..

I can give you a quote on yours... and came back in about 5 mins..

Well, it says as a part exchange, yours is worth £6750... so we will give you £3500... :whistling:

I said, but I am part ex'ing.. how come you say £3500?

Oh, that's the auction price.... but I'm not taking it to auction, I'm trading it in..

needless to say, a few choice words, :tsktsk: and we left..... went to Carcraft. and they didn't offer anything at all !

Did notice an 03 plate basic model Focus on the forecourt for £7995 !! checked on Autotrader and should be £4500 tops.

No wonder they can offer £2000 minimum part ex.

So there you have it... still looking for work, and still trying to drive the Lex as and when I can..

Funny thing is, I seem busier now, than when I was working !!! go figure :whistling:

Merry Christmas to all, and best wishes for the New Year. :hohoho:


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