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K&n Filter And Oil Change


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Just fitted a K&N air filter I brought of ebay for £31 and was wondering what sort of difference I should expect from it, I know its not going to be alot.

I'm also going to change my oil and oil filter (hasnt been changed for 20000 miles) but dont know what to use, Iwas thinking of Castrol magnatec from Halfords.

Also how much oil will I need? Should I buy 2 bottles (8ltrs)

Can i get an oil filter from Halfords or any other auto parts shop or do I have to get one from lexus/toyota?

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As for the oil - as far as I remember it is 4.2l when changing the oil filter.

I'd rather check what kind of oil you've been running on - fully synthetic or semi-synthetic - magnatec 0W-30 is fully synthetic and 10W-40 is semi.

If you can afford buying at lexus/toyota and you are fine with spending more money then go ahead :).

I'd go to a car pars store,provide model information and you get the list of filters that match your car - bosh, knecht, toyota etc.

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Make sure you reset the ECU after you install the K&N filter, then it can re-learn how much air is coming into the engine etc (should be a better flow with the K&N installed).

You will probably notice a slight improvement in fuel economy and a very slightly different engine sound. Whether you will notice any performance improvement is debatable, since any increase is likely to be very small.

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