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Weird Electrical Problems On 2001 Ls430

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I have yesterday developed a strange electrical problem on my 2001 LS430. The rear offside passenger door suddenly could not be opened by handle either from inside or outside, even though the door is showing as unlocked. And when I switch on the ignition, ALL the door locks lock and unlock themselves 2 or 3 times, as if the system is trying to clear a fault (? maybe in the rear passenger door, I don't know). After that the car starts and runs OK.

I know I can take it to Lexus who might charge me a fortune ( :winky:! ) but before that I wondered if anyone had seen this before? The Lexus garage man said he'd never seen this on a Lexus, but had seen it on a Toyota Camry.....


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A friend of mine had a similar problem in his 98 Camry. Not exactly the same, but a similar one. The passenger door could not be opened from the outside, just from the inside. It was possible to lock it of course, but no self-diagnosis was done by the car. The problem was quite simple: a small Euro 1.50 part was broken. But you have to take the door trim panel apart which is quite easy. Then you will be able to see which part is stuck.

Here is the request in German:

And here the babelfish translation:

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Watsofilms, thanks for going to the trouble to reply. I'm not sure the Camry issue is similar enough for me to start attacking the door, unless I have a good guide how to get the trim off (which I don't currently have). Any idea where I can get good instructions? Nothing good available on

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