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Ok, there is this so called "credit crunch" out there but I'm wondering what is wrong with a car like this, with such a low asking price? And it's not the only one example out there, I've found plenty of other cars between GBP 5 and 8k. Are these regular offers and are these cars usually that "cheap" in UK? What's the catch besides the RHD?

BTW. the prices on the internet include UK VAT or not? Thank You.

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That particular car in your link has 150K under its belt, so I can understand the low asking price.

But, in general (in the UK) there isn't much demand for big petrol engined cars ATM, not just because of the credit crunch, its also because of the proposed VED system- based on C02 levels, if you have a high polluting car, you will pay more road tax. A LS430 will be taxed at £430 a year if the VED proposal goes through (its on hold ATM).

Therefore, high C02 cars in the UK are falling in value, if you want a big petrol engine car and can afford to run it, then now is a great time to buy such a car.

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theres no catch, just an excellent car for the money.

well, excellent car fullstop.

there is a facelift model on the trader with 165k on the clock for £7.8k ish.

over thepast 6 months ive watched that exact car fall from over £12k

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thanks. Could somebody explain the dealer pricing on auto trader? The prices include vat or not? "Non VAT Qualifying" cars include vat, is this correct? But not all are marked like this.

The prices are still very low and at least some Russians should grab all of them. They import Japanese cars and RHD is not an issue there. Ok, so far they should have imported them because the taxation will change very soon (in the next two weeks) and these cars will be impossible to sell then.

What's the UK's main export market for such cars? In Germany it's Russia and the Middle East. Road tax is slightly cheaper here, approx 400 Euro per year, depends on the cubic capacity. Small cars cost less.

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