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Replacing Front Seats In A Gs


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How hard is it to remove the front seats in an Aristo?

I'm looking at this but it sounds too easy:

Isn't there more too it than that - such as connectors etc?

Thanks in advance!

Its easy you jsut undo the connectors and then the bolts on the rails then get tehm out. The hardest bit of the whole job is getting them out the door without scratching anything.

When i took mine out i left the plug attached so i could tilt/slide the seat to get it out then disconnected the plug at the last

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Cheers dude :)

Have you swapped yours then mate?

no but i did it on the mk1 and i had a look at these as i will put a leather interior in eventually but there are more pressing matters atm. Saw the same problems though its fitting them out the door jsut be patient

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Nice one cheers mate, good to know that, it's mad really how easy it is to take some of these things to bits - I was expecting to have to disasemble something :o

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