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Hsd Hr Coilovers


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Put this in general as it applies to the Aristo and GS MK2 equally.

Right then well I got my HSD HR coilovers on today and what can I say - I'm very very very happy indeed with these!

The spring rate on the HRs is 14/10 and 11/8 if you go for the Smoothies they sell (these are the JZS160 & JZS161 values - IS is lower)

I have to admit I was a little worried that the HR may be a little too firm but had spoken to Ben @ Driftworks and he said most people were surprised actually how good yet comfortable these were compared to some of the makes out there.

When they were on the car looked rock solid - it was on the softest setting yet even with my weight behind it the car hardly moves - so I thought I was in for a tough ride - so imagine my amazement when we drove off with the car at the same height as standard and the ride was better than it had been on my standard suspension!!

Roll in the corners is so much better, and the car itself just feels 100 times better - it really has transformed it and the 100 miles I've done tonight have been the most fun I've had in the Aristo since I bought it!

I don't have uprated antiroll bars yet - I'd been mulling the coilovers for a few weeks now but after popping to the garage for some new sparks and an ATF change it was spotted the back drivers side spring was in a sad state and really needed replacing ASAP.

I rang Ben @ Driftworks around midday and the coilovers were delivered to the garage at 8am this morning - now that is really good service!

I don't have any pics yet and I want to get them settled tomorrow with some more driving - I've done around 100 miles tonight and have to admit after I'd covered 50 miles I turned up the damping from 1 (softest) to 5 to see the difference. Was still impressed

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