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1g-gte Engine Swap


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I did a quick search and couldn't find any information on here about anyone doing an engine swap in an IS200 with a 1G-GTE engine (from the MK3 Supra, GZ20 Supra or Mark II). im interested in this because stock it puts out 157kw but my friend has seen a few turbo'ed up to over 400rwkw, overall cost to do this would be cheapish, around only AUD$600 for the engine and i know a mate who will do the engine swap for a slab of beer. doing this will double the cost of my insurance but that dosnt worry me too much, then just have to spend a bit of cash doing up the turbos and getting it tuned. but im wondering if anyone has done it before and what kind of issues they have experienced?

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I dont see why it cant be done mate.

As far as i know they're nearly identical blocks so the engine mounts wouldnt be that different if at all.

not sure if you could keep the 6speed or not though.

Thats over 600 fly wheel HP from a 2l!


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ill keep looking into it then as a longer term project, i think 400rwkw would be a bit silly :P just keep it down around 300 haha! might be able to also get a gear box out of one of the supras which should hold up better to it, and if i have that kind of power should probably look at doing up the brakes and suspension a bit aswell (watches the money skyrocket), can you get the fsport rims yet? might try and nab a few of those :P

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As said, both blocks are the same, but heads are different.

The 1G-FE is 24V but narrow angle head, better for economy and lower down torque. On the IS200 addition of VVTI has added some higher RPM torque.

The 1G-GTTE is also 24V but a wide angle head, better for power and higher RPM torque (long with twin turbos). At least thats what Mr T says.

So you should be able to use the 1G-GTTE engine, but dissable the VVTI in the ECU. Your standalone ECU or Piggyback ECU should thake care of disableing the VVTI and sort out your fueling and ignition - providing you can get the manifolds for the engine. But you will have to use the crank sensor from the 1GFE and block off the distributor hole on the 1G-GTTE head.

I would say std gearbox is ok if not for all out racing.

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