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  1. There you go :P
  2. check some of the forums for the aristo and supras as they have the same 2JZ-GE (well non turb supras do :P), if you need a timing belt change then a normal toyota dealer can easily do it if they have done a supra before :P
  3. The legana style front bumper you are looking for would this do? i was looking for something myself and saw that and thought of you, it says it is made of a PFRP Composite and it looks right to me, i could be completely wrong but hey if i am its only a few mins out of your life to look at it :P
  4. wait its illegal for the car to be running with no one in it? i always leave my car running while i get out to go shut the gate to work, its 40 degrees outside and it takes a few minutes to close up properly dont want the A/C off >.<
  5. From the rockford site its dimensions are H 13.5" x W 27.37" x D 5.25-3.25" (34.3cm x 69.5cm x 13.3cm-8.3cm),110678)
  6. I'm in aus and thanks to your amazing work Mr Lindblom i am seriously considering one of these, just as a stab in the dark to ring on my day off would a general toyota dealership be the place to ring?
  7. i remember hitting a curb in my 89 honda prelude at about 40kmph in the rain when the brakes locked around a bend, bent the front left wheel and suspension so far back that when the other wheels were straight the front left was resting at the back of the wheel arch, about 3k to get the suspension fixed and then also had to have the whole car rebent into shape, pretty big aftermath for a pretty tame accident! N2KHL if its £1500 to fix whats your payable excess?
  8. ill keep looking into it then as a longer term project, i think 400rwkw would be a bit silly :P just keep it down around 300 haha! might be able to also get a gear box out of one of the supras which should hold up better to it, and if i have that kind of power should probably look at doing up the brakes and suspension a bit aswell (watches the money skyrocket), can you get the fsport rims yet? might try and nab a few of those :P
  9. i never had a two button key :| i have two 3 button keys and one key that has no buttons, is that normal in some places?
  10. I did a quick search and couldn't find any information on here about anyone doing an engine swap in an IS200 with a 1G-GTE engine (from the MK3 Supra, GZ20 Supra or Mark II). im interested in this because stock it puts out 157kw but my friend has seen a few turbo'ed up to over 400rwkw, overall cost to do this would be cheapish, around only AUD$600 for the engine and i know a mate who will do the engine swap for a slab of beer. doing this will double the cost of my insurance but that dosnt worry me too much, then just have to spend a bit of cash doing up the turbos and getting it tuned. but im wondering if anyone has done it before and what kind of issues they have experienced?
  11. same rims that came with my car, but the lovely old lady who had the car before me has put some nice dents in them :tsktsk: gonna have to get them refurbished as i think they are the nicest looking rims for an IS ive seen :P
  12. Honda NSX LF-A Roadster and my old love the 3rd Gen Honda Prelude that thing was so cool but i now have trouble lowering myself into the seats :P
  13. if you find some cheap can you tell me? i was giving my rims a nice wash the other day and noticed all the center caps are chipped and scratched, so are the rims which im going to get refurbished down the line but atleast i can make the caps nice for now :)
  14. would the 220d's engine slot in? i dont know to much about this subject but wouldnt it be easier to swap a lexus diesel in than any other companys?
  15. thanks for all your comments :) luckily no physical damage but i would say a fair bit of mental damage to me :( had the car for just over a month, yesterday the "lovely lady" from the jetta sent me a bill for her damage, a total of $2,600 for a few little scratches of paint, reviewing her claim she wants a whole new rear bumper and qtr panel plus a new mag wheel,,,, ahwell atleast i have evidence on my side and she will be paying the lot! parts coming from japan will be 3 weeks and then another two weeks to fix, then it will be back to normal! then i just have to get the exhaust tip redone because the original owner broke the tip and never replaced it,
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