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No Wipers, Fuse Keeps Blowing

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My Wipers stopped working :crybaby: and so did the washers, so I replaced the blown fuse.

Fuse blew again after 1 quick test, :crybaby: :crybaby: :crybaby: so it looks like something more serious.

As per :)

I took the wiper asembley off and dismantled the wiper motor. There is plenty of brushes left, so I cleaned them, and the armature with some solvent. After re-assembly I connected the wiper motor to a spare Battery and tested it as per the Repair manual (using pins 1 and 2/3 for slow/fast speeds). It works fine and I also measured that it draws 2 or 4 amps depending on speed, drawing a litle more current upon start up. I ran it for at least a minute, no problem and also several short bursts. :)

I do not think that it is the wiper motor which is blowing the fuse? :excl:

This is a Mark III '95 car, I think the assembly is the same as Mk II/I.

Has any one had a similair problem?

Does any one have any suggestions of what else I can check or test or do?

There is another motor on the wiper assembly, for parking the wipers I think, but I can not find and info on net or in repair manual (mechanical and electrical) about it.

At the moment I am driving about with no wipers and a bucket of water/sponge in the boot.

MANY THANKS in advance for any help at all?

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With the series 2 the fuse is rated at 20A.

If the motor works independently and only draws up to 4 amps I would say that it's OK. With the motor removed do the wiper arms move freely?If they are partially seized at the linkages for example the motor will struggle drawing more current and possibly blowing the fuse.

Does the fuse blow if you turn on the wipers with the motor disconnected? If so this would suggest a short on the wiring loom/wiper motor relay or the switch.

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