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Lesson Learn't Yesterday!!!

Always rely on my sensors and rear parking screen.....

Reversing into a space yesterday in car park....sadly quite a few people about admiring my wheels....

reversing......waiting for the initial beeps.....still reversing.......BANG!!!

Must have turned off the sensors by accident

....Note to self......always ensure sensors switched on before reversing :crybaby:

Good News......pretty much polished out :whistling:

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Are the sensors not fed from your reversing lights?

Still triggered by reverse gear, but it's a bit different for the OEM ones - first off they have a switch on the dash to switch them off, plus they're integrated into the satnav screen and stuff......

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The Sensors only work if you switch them on, I think it is so you can turn them off in certain situations, sometimes I do when "Q"ing in traffic and am a little to close to the person in front.....beepbeepbeep.

The Reverse camera still comes on but sadly I was in a dimly lit Multistory so only got a great view of the barrier after I hit it. Life goes on........ :huh:

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If it makes you feel any better, I have done worse. When I had a Beemer, I was reversing out of a parallel park at the side of the road. I selected reverse, and my passenger asked what the beeping was. I replied that it was warning me about the car behind, but as I was saying this, I carried on reversing into the car behind. No harm done to either car, but my ego was a little dented. It's fine to turn them on, but you then need to heed their warning.

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