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i believe that there is a damper/relief on the s/c to limit the waste gate to about 4psi? ( I dont have one ) wouldnt it be possible to adjust this damper to obtain more boost? I dont mean great amounts as then we are talking about modding engine internals etc

just a thought really anyone know if this is possible??



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the supercharger boosts to a measily 0.3 bar

the wastgate is a spring loaded gate mechanicaly linked to the throttle via a cable as you put your foot down it closes the wastgate,as you let of the spring snaps open the gate assisted by the sudden build up of pressure,

sounds complicated but a very simple device of gates and springs within the s/c inlet

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The boost pressure is set by the driven speed of the supercharger. The valve assembly does not control the boost pressure, it is a bypass device to release the build up of boost pressure that would otherwise be there with disastrous consequences. Hope this helps!!!

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